Raising an Extraordinary Child in an Ordinary Town

I grew up in a small town. In today’s society to be able to actively apply the word town as oppose to city speaks volumes to the traditional country environment in which I was raised. For pets we had chickens that roamed free in our yard until it was their turn to join us for dinner. At the end of our dirt road there was a pig pen adjacent to the bus stop. We had only one grocery store/gas station combo in the immediate area. You could purchase gas, receive an order of freshly butchered meat and put in on your store credit all in one location. I have no complaints or qualms about the area in which I experienced my childhood. I was raised by a grandmother that made up for the lack of metropolitan scenery and artistic opportunities with her magnetic loving personality. We created our own adventures within our small town.  She encouraged my reading of foreign lands and supported my dreams of traveling the world . She respected my wishes of living a different lifestyle than anyone we knew personally.

With her love and support traveling the world and living a different life than anyone else we had ever known is exactly what I did. During my travels abroad at my last foreign place of residence in Kuwait City, Kuwait I brought home a single souvenir that would prove to be the utmost important part of my life for the rest of my days. I returned to the small town in which I am from with a son named Messiah. Fast forward passed some very traumatic and unforeseen circumstances of life you will find Messiah and I on the brink of making choices about his educational future. Yes, he is a two year old with his third birthday just over the horizon. And I, am a single mom with world class taste and international aspirations for my son. I would never be so crass as to say “just like ALL mothers” but I will recognize that many of us begin dreaming about and planning for the futures of our children from the moment of conception. When it came to my son I was overly proactive, extremely prepared, and some may say too forward thinking. I disagree. In my logic there is no such thing as being too anything when it comes to making preparations and decisions about the life of my child.

During his first months of life I assessed our situation and surroundings. It was just he and I back here in this country town with our big city ideas and small town options. I decided then that I would go above and beyond all measures to ensure that he had the same educational options and opportunities as children from the lowest country town here in South Carolina to the most prestigious schools in Japan. Even if I had to go about creating those opportunities myself. What seemed to be the easiest option seemed to be homeschooling. Homeschooling would allow me to tailor the curriculum to fit perfectly to his learning needs as well as my scholastic preferences for him. Learning two foreign languages is a necessary requirement as far as I am concerned . After-all…

From the time Messiah was around seven or eight months old all the way to this very moment when he is about to turn three I have been fighting the good fight. The constant battle of explaining the logic behind me being so ambitious and eclectic in the manner in which I educate him. Trying to force traditional thinkers not only to understand what I am doing but to also support it.


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