Finding Peace in Pieces

pink roadWhen I first decided to write a blog I told myself that it would be a place for single mothers. A place to share stories and struggles of heartbreak, parenting styles, crafting ideas, thoughts, lessons, and anything else that could be considered as therapeutic or helpful to others. But the more that I thought things through I had to take an honest look outside of myself and my personal circumstances. Women raising children in solitude are not the only ones struggling to find peace within painfully chaotic lives. A broken heart is a broken heart no matter how it was broken, no matter how many pieces it was shattered into.  The physical or figurative tears that have stained your pillows were no less wet or salty than those that I have shed. A lost lover, a passed on loved one, loss of a pregnancy, loss of a job, loss of yourself, loss of your way, etc. It doesn’t make a difference what/who or how; you still lost it. You suffered a loss and it left you lost. None of us are different in that way.  So please forgive me for my previous discriminatory thoughts and allow me to welcome you here. Welcome to Finding Peace in Pieces .com. It is my goal for this to be blog a place containing encouraging words and reminders of the strength that trying times and situations can create within you. I would like to share examples of simple day to day strife’s that many of us can relate to and examples of how we managed to survive.  Pain travels 60 centimeters per second and is almost always temporary. The feeling of love travels at the speed of light and lasts forever. Even withstanding death love survives. Love is eternal. Together day by day one piece at a time we will find our way back to peace. Love will be the glue that holds the broken pieces in place to make you whole once more. I will share my knowledge, information, lessons, research, pain, and anecdotes with you here. I hope you can find a piece of something here you can use in your quest for peace of mind.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”


pink sky


2 thoughts on “Finding Peace in Pieces

  1. Your blog of scenic comfort is very welcoming to me and the many others that will visit. Can’t wait to read and share! Crystal


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