Build A Fortress Around Your Positivity

Humans are emotional beings. Not just women (contrary to popular chauvinistic beliefs) but the entire human race.  We thrive off of emotions. These emotions are given and received in the form of verbal communication and body language between one another. We internalize these interactions and process these encounters as energy. Both negative and positive.  We exchange energy with each-other sometimes purposely and other times unintentionally.

How often have you been having a really great day and suddenly someone makes one rude comment or does one single pet peeve of yours and it robs you of your pleasant attitude and casts a cloud of negativity over your mood for the remainder of your day? Ex: “Oh girl, you have gained so much weight!”  The sting of the insult will hit you immediately.  But it will be  the after burn that lingers  and quietly attacks your positive energy repeatedly. Never-mind that A. Most insults are self reflective of the insult-er. And B. There almost always has to be a pre-existing insecurity within ourselves in order for an insult to be able to reach us in a way that affects the way we feel.

Sometimes it can be a series of events that renders you grumpy or somber. You wake up late, you can’t find your keys, you step in dog poop (and you don’t even have a dog), someone parks in your space at work, and to add insult to injury you have toilette tissue hanging from your underwear that no one bothered to mention until lunchtime. That chain of mishaps could kill even Gandhi’s vibe.

What about the energy robbers that come in the form of family and close friends?  Let us not be so naive as to assume that energy robbers are all dressed in red with two horns and a pitch fork. Sometimes the people who you look to for encouragement, love, and support can  you leave you feeling used, judged, or discouraged instead. You know why?  Because the people that  you love the most and know you best have the most access to your energy and place of peace. These are people that you trust and welcome into your mental space. They don’t have to breach the walls of security that you have built around your positivity. In some instances we build our positivity around them and their opinions of us. Wrong and ugly when you see it written out but none the less true. The family members that always make you travel the distance to interact with them.  It’s always your turn to buy/and or cook dinner. Hey, family time is priceless especially when its at your expense. The friends that sneak in jovial jabs and launch attacks on your personal character wrapped up in polite tones. The disrespectful comments disguised by light laughs and sly smiles. They carry out kamikaze missions on your train of thought and you don’t even recognize you’ve been affected until they are long gone. You are left only replaying the series of events that took place and assessing the loss of positive energy and energy in general.

How do you build a fortress around your positivity? You can’t cut off all human interactions and live blissfully in seclusion. Can you? How do you protect your peace in the shuffle of shenanigans that we call life? Every instance of threatened frustration and unnerving encounters are necessary nuisances. Sometimes the destination is the journey. The true meaning of peace is the ability to maintain your focus on what is positive in the midst of all that poses the potential to be negative around you. Peace is the practice of disallowing negative energy, people, or things to penetrate the fortress you have built around your positivity.

It starts with perspective. Looking at things from a different outlook than your instinctive reaction or trained thought process. So, you stepped in dog poop. Train your mind to immediately search for the positive. Hey; atleast I have two working feet to be able step in dog poop. Well, you walked around with toilette tissue hanging from your bottom. Appreciate the comfort in knowing that people can now be certain you have a clean bottom. These are all comical and dramatic examples I know. But the point is to create the habit of finding the positive in all situations and focus on that.  Strengthen the core of your being and the center of your thought process around constantly being, thinking, and living positively. The idea is to build up an automatic response pattern of being so positive that negative things are unable to reach the peace that rests in your center. It starts from the core of your being outward. Conditioning yourself to instinctively protect your positivity.


“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart….” ~author unknown


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