Still Finding My Voice

hr-bloggerI have been a writer for as long as I can remember. As achild I wrote;  poems that did not rhyme (at the time I thought they did), stories with misspelled words, haiku’s with too many lines and surplus amounts of syllables, songs/music lacking melody, four page letters like Aaliyah (which no eyes other than mine ever saw), and so on and so forth. I have always been a writer. In time and with practice I gained comfort and recognizedmy talent. I fed my passion for words with words. Never on a quest for perfection of my words. I wrote based on survival. My soul thrived and healed from my writing even when the writing was filled with grammatical errors and imperfections. I continued to write until I got it right.

Many years later I am still a writer. And most recently I have become a blogger. I am a blogger searching for my voice. On the hunt for my message. Teachings and lessons that only can be found in the symphony of my words. I am writing and searching. I say all this to say… Although I may be all over the place by way of topics, andI have not yet been tagged or ticketed under one subject matter or another…I am a blogger and I am still a writer. I will continue to write and share with you while I am still finding my voice.


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