He is resting on top of my feet, his body warming them through the covers. He is watching a colorful rendition of the alphabet play on the computer screen and I am watching him. Today is the last day of October and I cannot help but be reminded of the beauty that November has given me. He is my November baby. With his birthday only days away I become so nostalgic in this moment. Everything about this time of year reminds me of the best time of my life. Every moment with him for the past three years have been abundantly blessed and truly amazing. He has been more to me than just my son. Many times he has been my only sun in the midst of countless dark clouds. He has been a teacher and taught me lessons that I could never have learned in a life alone. He has brought me peace in a wild, crazy, and chaotic kind of way. He has brought me hope. He has come here to become something so grand although he is still so small just yet. He is a contradiction to the cliche’ that nothing is perfect. Because he is perfect. His laughter heals. His smile soothes. His eyes speak words unspoken. His presence is a present. He knows these truths. There are no expectations placed upon him and somehow he manages to surpass every supposition. November is his anniversary. Let the celebrations begin.





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