Why I Write


Why do I write? I write because I often I choose not to speak. I allow the power of my pen, paper, keyboard, and screen to be my voice. I write because words written aid in the ability to visualize a compilation of words. I write to breath life into the thoughts and phrases that keep me up at night. I write because I am a loyal lover and writing has and always will be my true first love. I write because writing somehow offers beauty to the madness. I write because although I don’t always feel comfortable of confident enough to say it; I have something to say. I write because it is my passion and I would be lost in a world without it. I write because practice makes perfect and you just never know when your next piece will be your best piece. I write because I want my brainstorming and jotted down notes to someday be interpreted as a manifesto. I write because I am inspired by greats like Jesus, Mya Angelou, E. Lynn Harris, Pablo Neruda, Paulo Cuhelo, and Eric Jerome Dickey. I write because it feels right.

sonnet xvii


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