Blogging 101, Day 2: Title and Tagline

When I hear the word tagline it makes me think of a reality TV show. During the introduction you hear the characters making a usually humorous and at times pretentious self declaration. I must admit I have never given any consideration to what my tagline in life would be. But as it pertains to  my blog I think I have come up with one that is appropriately thought provoking and relevant to the name and intended purpose for the my blog. My tagline would be FindingPeaceInPieces.Com: The wound is where the light enters. It is a quote by Rumi that I referenced in one of my first posts.

When I say the title of my blog aloud or even give thought to it, I imagine a glass heart that has been shattered into a million tiny beautiful pieces. And in the midst of the shards of glass there is a woman(usually me) on her knees carefully picking up each shard of glass strategically piecing together her broken heart. In attempts to make her heart whole once more she has to embrace the fact that it is no long perfect or without flaw. She must find beauty in the madness and peace among the chaos. Although the cracks may be eyesores to her she must look past the aesthetics realizing that they are purposeful additions. Because after-all the cracks (wounds) are the place where the light enters you.


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