The List… Things I like

  • I like when he calls me Mommy
  • I like when it rains
  • I like reading and getting lost in books for hours
  • I like the feeling of empowerment I have after I write something I’m passionate about
  • I like giving people thoughtful things that make them feel special and appreciated
  • I like taking my time
  • I like listening to music for the majority of the day while I do my work
  • I like daydreaming
  • I like hugs that warm my soul deep down inside
  • I like listening to him laugh
  • I like cooking for him
  • I like crafting with him
  • I like traveling near and far
  • I like cheese
  • I like laughing
  • I like paying close attention to people and learning the telling little nuances
  • I like feeling cared for
  • I like caring for others
  • I like planning
  • I like being in control of my own destiny
  • I like looking at old pictures
  • I like running… and walking…and jogging
  • I like things(and people) that smell nice
  • I like waking up early before the sun comes up
  • I like driving with no destination in my mind

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