Writing 101, Day 3: One-word “Home”






Sweet aroma


My one word inspiration from the list given is home. Home provoked me to think of the words listed beneath it. Home makes me think of love. I loved someone who made me feel at home no matter how long I’d stayed away. Her love made me feel at home.  And now that she is no longer on this earth I feel I have been displaced from my home. There is no one particular place that I can go and find that same amount of serenity, safety, peace and comfort. Often times, during the same time each day when I would normally drive to her house and take refuge from the troubles of the day, I now find myself driving with nowhere to go. No place to be. I hear those words in my head often. I have no place to be.  No home like the home I once knew. Without her, in my multiple bedroom stand alone house I still feel homeless.

Home. When I think of this word in reference to my son I also think of the words listed above. Home= Love. I want him to find his home in me. For him I would like our home to always be a clean place that welcomes him with a sweet aroma once he walks through the door. No judgement zone. The home that I have prepared for him will always be a safe place minus the verbal and emotional abuse that many children and adults deal with at home. The home that I create for my son will be a place that always reminds him of how much he is loved and give him a sense of belonging in this crazy world. The home I build for him will build his confidence and add to his character. The home I make for him will make him know exactly what love looks like and feels like so he will not spend his whole life searching for something that is unfamiliar to him.




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