Writing 101, Day 6: The Space to Write



I can write anywhere. I have been working on creating the perfect writing space since we moved last February to no avail. Lately, I have been writing at work in between appointments. Sometimes I write in the evenings after my son has been bathed and fed. I also write in the wee hours of the morning when he is resting and I cannot sleep. I sit up in bed and write using the light of the television and computer screen.

I look at pictures of the cozy thought provoking writing rooms and nooks that others create for themselves. I imagine myself writing in those spaces. But for some reason I have yet that create a space of my own. I have a feeling that once I do I will still write and be creative in other spaces. But maybe, contrary to my assumptions I will create greatness in my space. I have no specific needs to write. I write at random.

But if I had to create my ideal space with my preferences I would love to have a sweet vanilla based candle, mellow music with words that make me feel something I can create from, and a cool crisp temperature. Subtle and simple surroundings. Comfort, peace, and creativity.


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