Writing 101, Day 9: Writing and not writing

Stacks of books
Stacks of books

I have a full time job. A real life 9 to 5 (actually 7:30 to 7:30 most days) kind of job. So I cannot say that I am currently writing for a living. My current situation would be best described as, living to write. I work hard everyday in hopes that one day I will have worked myself into a position where I can write for a living. So in some ways these would make writing my escape. Recently I wrote a children’s book that has been sent of to a well know illustrator this week. A blessing in more ways than one. Once it is completed and I am holding a copy in my hand I will consider myself an author. To me this means something different than being a write which I am now.

Once I become an author my dream would be to publish several successful books in a broad range of genres. I will no longer work a conventional job. I will live in a creative space and thrive off the fruits of my labors. I will be able to feed my son with these fruits. Leaving a legacy behind on this earth for him. Teach him the beautiful payoff of being loyal to your dreams and being tenacious. We will travel the world together living in and learning from many different cultures. His place of origin is Kuwait. It is my hope once he’s older to take him back there. I will write about it. To maintain the balance of my day to day life as it is, I need quiet and prayer. Once my dreams are realized this will not change.

For the extra assignment I have reached out to fellow blogger Ginger Marie who owns and operates The Ginger Marie Blog. Stay tuned to find out if she accepted the invitation for a Q & A.


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