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‘Tis the season for holiday eating! During the holiday season I find myself indulging in holiday feast and warm comfort foods more than any other time of the year. This always leaves the lingering concern of whether or not I am overeating. This year I had a secret weapon that I found to be both delicious and effective.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a sample of MealEnders Signalizing Lozenges. MealEnders is a unique and innovative portion control tool that works both scientifically as well as psychologically. MealEnders lozenges offer a smooth sweet outer layer that serves as a sweet treat at the end of the meal. At the center of the sweet soothing outer layer is a cool tingling sensation. The cool tingling sensation triggers a nerve that senses taste and keeps the mind and mouth occupied for the twenty minute time frame which over eating usually takes place.

Generally I am a far less technical person when it comes to the way that I manage my diet and portion control. However, just the sheer breakdown of information that was contained on MealEnders packaging brochure intrigued me and got me excited to try them. I was very strategic in the way that I integrated MealEnders lozenges into my day. This way I could keep accurate track of the benefits or changes that I felt when partaking in MealEnders. I would suck on one lozenge after breakfast and another after dinner. I chose these two times because throughout the day these are the two times that I traditionally am more prone to over indulge.

There are four MealEnder flavors; Chocolate mint, cinnamon, citrus, and mocha.


Each flavor is equally delicious. However, my preferred flavor happens to be cinnamon. Each lozenge is coated in a smooth sweet layer in accordance with its respective flavor.

mealenders unwrappedThey key to experiencing full intended porpoise of the lozenge is NOT to bite it. Depending on how serious my craving was it would take me an average of 25-30 minutes to completely consume the lozenge. The amount of time that my appetite was curbed ranged between 2-3 hours. This was perfect timing for me. This amount of time allowed me to make it without excessive snacking from breakfast to lunch. It also aided me in getting from dinner to bed without the craving to snack after dinner or double up on deserts.

I have been using MealEnders lozenges for just around three weeks. I find the effects to be the same if not better than when I first began. The holidays are just about over and I have actually lost weight as oppose to the traditional gain. There are visible results in my midsection which is in direct correlation to not eating after the dinner hour with the assistance of MealEnders lozenges.

For a chance to enter and win your own MealEnders lozenges leave a comment below. Runner ups will receive a MealEnders discount code.








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