Writing 101, Day 9: Writing and not writing

Stacks of books
Stacks of books

I have a full time job. A real life 9 to 5 (actually 7:30 to 7:30 most days) kind of job. So I cannot say that I am currently writing for a living. My current situation would be best described as, living to write. I work hard everyday in hopes that one day I will have worked myself into a position where I can write for a living. So in some ways these would make writing my escape. Recently I wrote a children’s book that has been sent of to a well know illustrator this week. A blessing in more ways than one. Once it is completed and I am holding a copy in my hand I will consider myself an author. To me this means something different than being a write which I am now.

Once I become an author my dream would be to publish several successful books in a broad range of genres. I will no longer work a conventional job. I will live in a creative space and thrive off the fruits of my labors. I will be able to feed my son with these fruits. Leaving a legacy behind on this earth for him. Teach him the beautiful payoff of being loyal to your dreams and being tenacious. We will travel the world together living in and learning from many different cultures. His place of origin is Kuwait. It is my hope once he’s older to take him back there. I will write about it. To maintain the balance of my day to day life as it is, I need quiet and prayer. Once my dreams are realized this will not change.

For the extra assignment I have reached out to fellow blogger Ginger Marie who owns and operates The Ginger Marie Blog. Stay tuned to find out if she accepted the invitation for a Q & A.


Writing 101, Day 6: The Space to Write



I can write anywhere. I have been working on creating the perfect writing space since we moved last February to no avail. Lately, I have been writing at work in between appointments. Sometimes I write in the evenings after my son has been bathed and fed. I also write in the wee hours of the morning when he is resting and I cannot sleep. I sit up in bed and write using the light of the television and computer screen.

I look at pictures of the cozy thought provoking writing rooms and nooks that others create for themselves. I imagine myself writing in those spaces. But for some reason I have yet that create a space of my own. I have a feeling that once I do I will still write and be creative in other spaces. But maybe, contrary to my assumptions I will create greatness in my space. I have no specific needs to write. I write at random.

But if I had to create my ideal space with my preferences I would love to have a sweet vanilla based candle, mellow music with words that make me feel something I can create from, and a cool crisp temperature. Subtle and simple surroundings. Comfort, peace, and creativity.

Blogging 101, Day 4: Identify Your Audience


Leave yesterday behind you. Wake up today knowing that the rest of your life will be the best of your life. Sometimes we allow the things that bring us pain to occupy too much of us. We allow these things to occupy our hearts and minds taking up space leaving no room for positive feelings or emotions. Let it go. Three words that are so tough when used in sequence. But not impossible. Nothing in your tomorrow will undo your yesterday. Nothing in your present can erase your past. So allow your past to rest in peace. Refrain from packing it up and carrying the baggage with and within you. Make room and make way for new life, new love, and new happiness. Each day we are born anew. What we do today is what matters the most.

Writing 101,Day 4: A Story in a Single Image


She inhales a deep breathe. The road ahead seems long and uncertain. The road behind her was tragic. The fact that she is still standing here in the midst of natures greatness indicates that she was and is triumphant against all that opposed her. She exhales. Placing one foot in front of the other once, and then again repeating these motions over and over. She is moving forward. She is moving on. She is moving tackling the challenge the road ahead. She is aware of everything surrounding her. She never looks back. She inhales and exhales, placing one foot in front of the other again and again, never looking back.

Writing 101, Day 3: One-word “Home”






Sweet aroma


My one word inspiration from the list given is home. Home provoked me to think of the words listed beneath it. Home makes me think of love. I loved someone who made me feel at home no matter how long I’d stayed away. Her love made me feel at home.  And now that she is no longer on this earth I feel I have been displaced from my home. There is no one particular place that I can go and find that same amount of serenity, safety, peace and comfort. Often times, during the same time each day when I would normally drive to her house and take refuge from the troubles of the day, I now find myself driving with nowhere to go. No place to be. I hear those words in my head often. I have no place to be.  No home like the home I once knew. Without her, in my multiple bedroom stand alone house I still feel homeless.

Home. When I think of this word in reference to my son I also think of the words listed above. Home= Love. I want him to find his home in me. For him I would like our home to always be a clean place that welcomes him with a sweet aroma once he walks through the door. No judgement zone. The home that I have prepared for him will always be a safe place minus the verbal and emotional abuse that many children and adults deal with at home. The home that I create for my son will be a place that always reminds him of how much he is loved and give him a sense of belonging in this crazy world. The home I build for him will build his confidence and add to his character. The home I make for him will make him know exactly what love looks like and feels like so he will not spend his whole life searching for something that is unfamiliar to him.



Blogging 101, Day 2: Title and Tagline

When I hear the word tagline it makes me think of a reality TV show. During the introduction you hear the characters making a usually humorous and at times pretentious self declaration. I must admit I have never given any consideration to what my tagline in life would be. But as it pertains to  my blog I think I have come up with one that is appropriately thought provoking and relevant to the name and intended purpose for the my blog. My tagline would be FindingPeaceInPieces.Com: The wound is where the light enters. It is a quote by Rumi that I referenced in one of my first posts.

When I say the title of my blog aloud or even give thought to it, I imagine a glass heart that has been shattered into a million tiny beautiful pieces. And in the midst of the shards of glass there is a woman(usually me) on her knees carefully picking up each shard of glass strategically piecing together her broken heart. In attempts to make her heart whole once more she has to embrace the fact that it is no long perfect or without flaw. She must find beauty in the madness and peace among the chaos. Although the cracks may be eyesores to her she must look past the aesthetics realizing that they are purposeful additions. Because after-all the cracks (wounds) are the place where the light enters you.

The List… Things I like

  • I like when he calls me Mommy
  • I like when it rains
  • I like reading and getting lost in books for hours
  • I like the feeling of empowerment I have after I write something I’m passionate about
  • I like giving people thoughtful things that make them feel special and appreciated
  • I like taking my time
  • I like listening to music for the majority of the day while I do my work
  • I like daydreaming
  • I like hugs that warm my soul deep down inside
  • I like listening to him laugh
  • I like cooking for him
  • I like crafting with him
  • I like traveling near and far
  • I like cheese
  • I like laughing
  • I like paying close attention to people and learning the telling little nuances
  • I like feeling cared for
  • I like caring for others
  • I like planning
  • I like being in control of my own destiny
  • I like looking at old pictures
  • I like running… and walking…and jogging
  • I like things(and people) that smell nice
  • I like waking up early before the sun comes up
  • I like driving with no destination in my mind

Blogging 101: Who I am and Why I’m Here

  • Why are you blogging Publicly

I chose to blog publicly as way to share and receive inspiration with people of similar circumstances and interests as myself. In my very first public post I shared a misthought that I had initially coming into blogging. I wanted to speak directly and only to single parents. But as I was writing I realized that single parents are not the only people in the world that may be experiencing those types of emotions or in need of the kind of support and encouragement that I set out to offer.

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about

I will write about any and every experience that may serve as encouragement, enlightenment, or simply thought sharing to and with others.

  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog

I would love to connect with people that love to read, love to write, can offer positive insight and like experiences. Anyone that is willing to partake in the words that I write.

  • If you blog successfully throughout the year, what would hope to have accomplished

If I have blogged successfully throughout the year I will have gained a few loyal followers and friends along the way. I will have served as a ray of light or knowledge to someone who found substance in one of some of the posts that I shared.

Who I am and Why I’m Here

Why I Write


Why do I write? I write because I often I choose not to speak. I allow the power of my pen, paper, keyboard, and screen to be my voice. I write because words written aid in the ability to visualize a compilation of words. I write to breath life into the thoughts and phrases that keep me up at night. I write because I am a loyal lover and writing has and always will be my true first love. I write because writing somehow offers beauty to the madness. I write because although I don’t always feel comfortable of confident enough to say it; I have something to say. I write because it is my passion and I would be lost in a world without it. I write because practice makes perfect and you just never know when your next piece will be your best piece. I write because I want my brainstorming and jotted down notes to someday be interpreted as a manifesto. I write because I am inspired by greats like Jesus, Mya Angelou, E. Lynn Harris, Pablo Neruda, Paulo Cuhelo, and Eric Jerome Dickey. I write because it feels right.

sonnet xvii


He is resting on top of my feet, his body warming them through the covers. He is watching a colorful rendition of the alphabet play on the computer screen and I am watching him. Today is the last day of October and I cannot help but be reminded of the beauty that November has given me. He is my November baby. With his birthday only days away I become so nostalgic in this moment. Everything about this time of year reminds me of the best time of my life. Every moment with him for the past three years have been abundantly blessed and truly amazing. He has been more to me than just my son. Many times he has been my only sun in the midst of countless dark clouds. He has been a teacher and taught me lessons that I could never have learned in a life alone. He has brought me peace in a wild, crazy, and chaotic kind of way. He has brought me hope. He has come here to become something so grand although he is still so small just yet. He is a contradiction to the cliche’ that nothing is perfect. Because he is perfect. His laughter heals. His smile soothes. His eyes speak words unspoken. His presence is a present. He knows these truths. There are no expectations placed upon him and somehow he manages to surpass every supposition. November is his anniversary. Let the celebrations begin.